Saturday 25 March 2017

Sunflower Monoprint and Drawing

Some of the monoprints I made for a DMTV video a couple of days ago have ended up in my printed sketchbook. The deli paper adds very little bulk to the existing pages.

The reductive print on the left hand page had its background cut away and was then collaged down over one of the previously printed pages. I've pasted the complete orange monoprint down on the right but although I did add a bit of deep shadow to the centre of the flower, the page isn't complete yet as I also want to extend some circles across the binding.

Once the gel medium was dry I could sit with the sketchbook on my lap last night and, working with one of my watercolour paintings as a guide, I made a pencil drawing. I love the contrast of placing simple graphite pencil alongside the colour of paint.

Hoping to do more drawing tonight!

Linda x


  1. Gosh Linda - I love this! Just had a birthday so think I might treat myself to renewing my DMTV subscription as this is just so lovely.

  2. Hope you do decide to renew again - we've done lots with this technique recently and I think you'd enjoy the videos!

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