Tuesday 6 June 2017

Painting Pottery Today

We've been promising ourselves a painting session at Apley Farm for some time and today was the day. Laura arranged it as a belated birthday treat for Mom's 89th! Laura and Amelie have been several times before but mom and I were first timers.

In the pottery shop there are lots of white blanks to choose from. I really needed a butter dish with a lid so was delighted to find this one. Once you start painting it's hard to stop (that might just be me and my obsessive nature), so even though it delayed our visit to the restaurant a bit (and we were hungry), I tackled a large plate too. If you saw yesterday's post you'll see where the fern idea came from.

You have to use your imagination when you choose the colours to use because they will change dramatically in the firing process, becoming much brighter and with a lovely shiny glaze.

Charlotte, the owner, has samples of the fired colours to help everyone choose the correct paints. I've attempted to mix a soft duck egg blue/green with dark terracotta edges.

The tiles in my kitchen have quite a variation of colour and also seem to change in different light conditions.

Both pieces will hopefully look OK against the wall tiles. We'll see if I've got anywhere near the colours after Charlotte completes the firing. Can't wait to see how they turn out - we may have discovered a new obsession!

Linda x

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