Thursday 8 June 2017

The Mad Painting Frenzy Continues!

When you're in the mood for a bit of painting why fight it? My latest sketchbook which was meant to last all summer will be full in no time.

It's beginning to look really colourful as the inspiration from days out to National Trust properties and our own rather less grand garden takes hold.

These almost black lilies actually look quite sinister but I love their form. Although we don't have space for any more plants I couldn't resist buying them this week to add to the collection of colours we already have. They'll be going out to join the others in the garden as soon as it stops being quite so wet and windy. Today's weather is really wild - suitably dramatic for election day!

Our artichokes are looking quite magnificent and may have to feature next. We grow them for their statuesque size, their blue/green foliage and tiny blue flowers rather than for their culinary uses.

The alliums are gorgeous right now but may be a challenge too far for drawing and painting.

And to add to the confusion, my mother presented me with a very ugly cactus recently and it has surprised us all by blooming with five simply spectacular flowers. White flowers are tricky to paint but I probably won't be able to resist having a go before they fade.

All the acers have suffered terribly with the late frosts we had in May. Luckily I could find a few of the beautiful red ones without too much damage.

Not sure what to paint tomorrow but it's great to have lots of choices instead of none at all!

Bye for now - Linda x


  1. As a gardener, I am loving your paintings. I grew up outside Seattle, but now live on the desert side of the state. I still try to grow the plants of my youth and your journal has reminded me of a few I need to try. The calla lilies are dramatic! I have been drying the allium heads to see if I can make a silk screen based on their architecture. Have fun!

  2. Thanks for getting in touch Jeannie I'm glad you like the way the latest sketchbook is coming along. I'm having so much fun working in it!