Tuesday 30 August 2011

Busy doing nothing - it's a holiday after all!

It was a real pleasure to wander around the garden yesterday photographing some of the late  blooms. If I ever learn how to use the software I'm sure I'll be able to make a wonderful album for summer 2011!

I was looking for suitable subjects for watercolour painting. I just heard that I sold a couple of my Crow paintings in our exhibition down in Aberdare and when someone likes your work enough to want to give it a home it's such a confidence boost. Often when painting isn't going as well as I'd like I feel like giving up altogether but then someone pays the ultimate compliment of buying a piece and I want to start painting something new immediately! Funny how I'm always drawn to the hot colours like this Rudbeckia which is Cherry Brandy and the gorgeous sunflowers - this one's Earthwalker.

After a slow start the orange Cannas are looking spectacular too. Don't you just love those spikes? The petals are a little weather beaten but there are some really good shapes to draw!

The hot colours I love so much aren't only on the flowers. The blooms on this Rosa Rugosa are long gone but the hips are now a glorious russett.

Even the veg patch has flashes of my favourite scarlet!

We have masses of quiet pastel and white flowers in our garden too but, pretty as they are, in my opinion they can't compete. However, the gardener in our family tells me balance is everything. Even against a backdrop of green foliage, a garden wouldn't look right if all the flowers were red and orange just as a quilt or a painting would suffer from a similar absence of variety and contrast. I suppose I have to reluctantly agree - maybe he does understand something about design after all!

I'm off to paint  - talk to you again soon,

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  1. I hope you are going to share those paintings with us.