Monday 8 August 2011

Off to the Cynon Valley Museum!

It was wonderful to go down to Aberdare to see our exhibition for the first time on Friday.

The work looked better than we could have hoped - Belinda and the rest of the gallery staff had done a fantastic job with the hanging. People soon began to arrive - they had pre-booked for the day and many had come from quite a distance. Here's Laura chatting with some early visitors.

Our quilts, sketchbooks and paintings are displayed over two floors so we took turns in each of the galleries. We really enjoyed telling the stories behind our quilts and answering questions during the guided talks we gave throughout the day.

We all enjoyed a lovely buffet lunch before resuming the talks. Here I'm explaining the image transfer techniques I used for the pomegranate and pear quilts in the Goblin Market series.

Holiday traffic held us up on the return journey so we were very tired when we eventually got home. Tired but happy with the day. Now of course there's no time for relaxation. The final preparations are well in hand for Festival of Quilts, just as well really as we only have one day before we set up! The van is hired and most of our stuff is already packed in crates and boxes. The rest of the week will be a bit of a blur but hopefully lots of you will be able to come and say hello to us on stand E38. For anyone who won't be able to visit us we'll try hard to take lots of photos to post next week.

Talk to you again soon - Linda


  1. There will be busy days coming. Hope to see you in Birmingham!
    gr. Marjolijn

  2. The exhibition looks fantastic. I would so love to have gone. Have a good FOQ. Just putting the finishing touches to my name tag.

  3. Thanks for thinking of us all who aren't able to come to the Festival of Quilts.

  4. Beautiful exhibition.Have a nice time in Birmingham on the FOQ.