Wednesday 17 August 2011

More from Festival of Quilts

We're back home and last week already seems like a dream. Before I forget about Festival of Quilts until next year here are a few more photographs as promised.

The tent makers of Cairo were a real highlight of the show. Their intricate designs are worked entirely by hand.

The applique is worked with incredible speed and accuracy using what seemed to me to be enormous needles. It was fascinating to see the patterns produced by folding and pricking brown paper. With such undeniable skill it was no wonder almost every quilt was sold during the four days of the show.

I showed a page from Stephanie Redfern's winning mixed media entry in the Quilt Creations category in the last post but I love her birds so much I don't apologise for including another beautiful page today.

We were astonished at how many people accepted the challenge to make a name badge and present themselves at our stand to claim their free gift. The threads we had packed specially ran out on day 1! We have too many photographs to include everyone who turned up so here's just a selection of name badges and happy smiling faces! 

Many thanks to everyone who made the effort - hand made badges are certainly a friendly way to get everyone talking and we shall definitely do it again!

Finally, as we made the garments for the show, Laura's cat Spider loved to keep her company in her studio. The feathers we used to embellish the garments seem irresistible to her! There'll be bits of feather floating around both our houses for some time yet!

You can see more about the show on Edwina's, Stephanie's and Catherine's blogs - the links are at the top of this page.

Talk to you again soon - Linda


  1. I somehow managed to miss seeing the tent makers which is a shame, their work looks amazing!

  2. Thanks for the pics. I was so hoping to see some real close-ups of your garments so you can imagine how thrilled I was by today's DMTV. LOVED the show and the fabulous ideas. Hope all the garments will be shown in such wonderful detail. Best to you both.