Tuesday 23 August 2011

Day off for good behaviour!

Catherine leaves tomorrow - she's going home to Vancouver after almost a month here in England. We've worked so hard while she's been here we felt really guilty that we hadn't been very good hosts. Must be time for a day of culture, relaxation and enjoyment. Maybe a spot of lunch too!

Compton Verney in Warwickshire is a favourite place for all those things. A once grand house - it lay empty for many years but was rescued and now houses a wonderful art collection. Photography of the artwork in the house isn't allowed but you can see lots of images of the fabulous collections on the website www.comptonverney.org.uk

The parkland was designed by Capability Brown and many of his original drawings for this and other commissions were on show today.

The approach to the house crosses a beautiful stone bridge with a sphinx at each corner. The detail over each sphinx's back is lovely.

Artist in residence this summer, Laura Ellen Bacon is a willow weaver and her work is in evidence throughout the garden. The new willow walk needs time to mature but like children we couldn't resist walking through it!

A woven structure seems to grow out of the hollow in an ancient Yew tree.

This moving memorial to a little boy evokes a sense of ages past - he died in 1703 aged only four.

The gravestones lie flat on the ground - almost becoming part of the earth itself.

It was a beautiful day and hopefully a happy memory for Catherine to take back to Canada! Don't forget that you can click on any of the images to see more detail.

We'll be back at our desks again tomorrow - normal service will be resumed!

Talk to you soon - Linda

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  1. What a beautiful tour. Thank you! My Great Grandmother was in service in Warwickshire Castle until age 18. We still have family living in the area, so I am always thrilled to see photos of what she might have seen. She told us great stories about living there. Thanks again!