Monday, 19 March 2012

Magnolia blooms and other treasures

This is my favourite time of the year. Well actually the summer is my real favourite but my enjoyment of the summer is always tempered by the fact that I know it will soon be over. I realise that sounds stupid but it's the reason I'm always most optimistic in spring - there's so much to look forward to, so much promise!

How could anyone look at this magnolia and not feel uplifted?

Don't you love to see the blooms on bare branches? I photographed these on the way back from Saturday's trip to the market. One of my latest finds at the market is this printer's tray. Laura had bought one recently and I really wanted one too. The little niches are only shallow but are the perfect places for special treasures.

I shall take my time to fill the niches. It'll give me a reason to keep going to the flea market!

Meanwhile, I've been working on my Iris quilts a bit more. I thought this pot needed a table top to stand on and a shadow to look more convincing. I've used Inktense pencils and Markal Paintstiks.

This one is quilted now and I've added a bit of colour with yet more Inktense pencils and Markal.

The last of the three quilts is under the needle as I write this.

Still a long way to go but tomorrow's another day!

Thanks for dropping by - I appreciate it!  Linda


  1. What lovely quilts! I noticed the FMQ on one of the pieces and it is amazing. BTW is that a drawer of spools of thread I see there? My goodness, where did you find the furniture piece that was just the right size to hold that thread?

  2. Thank you for the beautiful photos especially the first tight bud in it's fuzzy nest. I too saw your drawer. Because of you I bought the Madeira chest of threads as well as the complete line of Lana which I LOVE. Thanks for all you do and share.

  3. Thanks Renate, I'm glad you like the quilts. The drawer holding the threads fits into the wooden chest you can just spy behind my sewing machine in the picture above. I love having the whole range of Madeira colours to choose from!

    Beth, I'm pleased to hear you were tempted by the Madeira thread chest and the Lana wool and acrylic blends I use so much in my work. They are gorgeous aren't they?

  4. the iris are looking fantastic - it has been fascinating folllowing the progress from the dmtv start

  5. Thanks JP! I'm hoping to have all three finished soon so that I can concentrate on quilting my latest Moth quilt. I'll let you see the finished pieces as soon as they're done. Thanks for getting in touch.

  6. Linda, I'm fascinated that you have used Inktense pencils. do these stay permanently with some type of setting process? Or must you avoid washing the quilt? Loving your work - thanks for being so inspiring. Veronicah

  7. Hi Veronicah. Derwent say the pencils are permanent on fabric once they have been wetted and then allowed to dry. Their site has some very good video demonstrations of products you might find interesting.

    Just scroll down the list until you find the pencils on fabric video. Bye for now.

  8. I love that quilt on the machine, iris are my favourite flowers, cant seem to keep them in my garden shame .

  9. Thanks Boxoftrix - I'm quite pleased with the way that one's looking but I must get around to finishing it instead of being distracted with too many new pieces! Why is it that the next quilt is always going to be more exciting to work on than the current one?