Sunday, 4 March 2012

March already!

Another week gone and I struggle to remember what I've done with the days! I do remember escaping the office to see Laura's painting hanging at the RBSA. The gallery looked wonderful as usual.

And Laura's painting was well placed between two excellent prints and some very large apples beautifully rendered in oil pastel.

I'm still crossing things off my list of unfinished business. The altered moth book is getting lots of attention lately.

I've been using my favourite oil pastels with watercolour wash on top of a layer of white gesso for this threatening beastie.

When the frustration of waiting for paint to dry gets too much to bear I start on another book! This is a detail of the one I've shown you recently. Another work in progress with lots of windows.

Some of the pages of the moth book are quite sombre but that's because I'm thinking of pale moths fluttering in the night sky.

It's scheduled as a video for DMTV soon so I better get and finish it!

Thanks for visiting - I appreciate it! Linda


  1. Always lovely to see your work, and to have hints of future DMTV. But a glimpse of a far off gallery is lovely. I wish you could do more to show us around . We are miles from the good ones down here!

  2. Yay!! cannot wait for this DMTV show. The moths are lovely.

    Congratulations to Laura! Well done.


  3. Laura's painting is fantastic :)