Monday, 26 March 2012

There's some progress to report

Despite the lure of the glorious sunshine, I spent most of the weekend in the studio working on the moth quilt. The background areas of vermicelli were fairly straightforward - just a case of changing my thread colours what felt like every 2 minutes! Good job there are so many Madeira colours to chose from.

The quilting of the portraits is more of a challenge. Here I've put the main contours of an eye in place using 2 different greys and what might seem like an unlikely choice - a pale lavender thread.

I've switched to a very pale grey now, almost white in fact, and my next job will be to fill in the rest of the face. This should stop it looking baggy in relation to all that dense quilting in the background. Once that's done the quilt will almost be ready for the final hand embellishments. Just as well I'll be able to cross this one off the list soon because Laura's been printing for me over the weekend and I have 4 beautiful pieces of fabric waiting for my attention. It's hard to choose but I think this one might be my favourite.

And here's a different detail of the same boat. The prints have been made from some old holiday photos I took a few years ago in Brittany. They weren't taken with digital printing in mind since the holiday was years before Laura bought the printer but the quality was good enough to make quite large prints.

Who can resist peeling paint? Not me that's for sure. I've already made a number of  hangings inspired by these old wooden boats but I haven't got the theme out of my system and suddenly feel a whole new series of work coming on! Strange how the colours of the boats reflect the colours of the sea and sky that day The images bring back lovely memories of a summer in France!

I hope you are feeling creative this week and can find some time to get started on something exciting! Thanks for visiting - Linda


  1. Your colours are beautiful and the grey shading is amazing! When are you going to sell Madeira Lana collections on your website?

  2. Oh my goonness, how beautiful! I'm very jealous of your collection of threads- I might have to treat myself when I visit the Festival of Quilts:)

  3. Hi Angie - many thanks for your kind words! Mmmn Lana collections, now there's a thought - we'll have to talk to Madeira about that!

    Dotty - thank you, I'm glad you like the work or is it just the threads you admire? I'm sure you can get everything you want at Festival. Start making a shopping list right now!

  4. Can't wait to see the results of all your hard work.

  5. beautiful work, lovely ispiration in that boat picture!

  6. Thanks Boxoftrix!
    You've been busy on my blog today haven't you? You must have read every post since I started! I hope you've had fun catching up on the chat! Forgive me if I don't answer each of your comments individually! I did notice you asked a question about sewing through waxed papers with your machine. I find it's very easy - I set the stitch length to its longest measurement if I'm sewing with the teeth engaged or drop the feed dogs and make sure my stitches are quite big if I'm free motioning. There's a danger of perforating paper if the stitches are too close together and that makes the work very fragile. The needle may pick up a bit of wax but it will wipe off with a cloth or you could reserve a needle just for sewing paper projects. Hope you try it and have fun!

  7. Hi Linda, I have enjoyed my cath up visits:) thanks for the info on stitching with wax, I guess not that different from plain paper, I just wondered if the needle would react to the wax, but I guess wax would help smooth the way. I took the plunge with my paintstiks last night and enjoyed working some more on my quilt, as it is a gift I can post pictures on my blog of it for now but can send you one if you would like to see it.

  8. Hi Boxoftrix - I'd love to see what you're doing with the Paintstiks. Please send a picture when you have time.