Wednesday 4 July 2012

Can you tell what it is yet?

With my love of all things distressed I couldn't resist buying a few of Laura's latest fabrics. She photographed some very decrepit walls in Spain recently and decided they were perfect candidates for digital printing.

Aren't the colours and textures luscious? I don't know exactly how I'll use them yet. They look gorgeous with my hand dyes so I thought they'd find their way into a bit of patchwork BUT.....

There was a surprise waiting when I opened out the ochre coloured piece. Is it just me or can anyone else see a landscape? I think if I quilt a couple of the curved lines I'll have an instant horizon with distant hills. I can even see a tree on the left hand side - all I need to add is a lovely red sun in the sky and the fabric will do the rest! Rorschach and his ink blot test would be proud of me!

Breton Boat 1 is coming along. I've combined machine and hand quilting for the two inch grid and now that the binding is on I'm going to add the final embellishments. There will be shell buttons to represent the original rivets and lots of extra texture with embroidery.

For a change of activity I had a couple of frantic hours on my beloved overlocker last night and ran this up for Laura. She's rapidly running out of clothes to wear but this style should be OK for a few more weeks yet even though it's not a maternity pattern.

Laura has posted more pictures on Fingerprint but just in case you don't follow her blog I wanted to finish with a photo of her latest piece today. I just love this quilt! She's combined a pencil drawing she made of a sweet little bird with her thorny hedge photographs. The border strips are pieced from more hedge prints with narrow insertions of colour. I'm sure it's going to be fantastic when it's quilted.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you are feeling creative and getting lots of stuff finished! Linda


  1. My first visit to your blog Linda. I am new to this and have only just started my own.I love the fabrics and can see the landscape. I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to seeing what you do with the fabrics.

  2. Laura's bird in hand quilt is awesome! just precious.

  3. What pattern is the top in this post? Always intrigued by what you both are doing

  4. Hi Kathi, the top is modified from the original pattern, but it's based on Butterick 5523. Hope this helps! Linda