Thursday 12 July 2012

New treasures

I had a birthday this week and my nearest and dearest found me some incredible treasures. Isn't it wonderful when people know you so well that they can give you the very things you would buy for yourself?

Little boxes are always intriguing in their own right.

But when they hold treasures like this well used, old silver thimble they are really special!

You might remember seeing the print tray we found at the flea market a few months ago. Here it is looking forlorn and fairly empty soon after we bought it.

It's given us a reason to scour the local markets ever since - our mission, to find lovely objects small enough to fit into the niches.

It's beginning to look much more interesting and of course the thimble box now has a home there up at the top right.

I'm reluctant to confess that I've always been fascinated by the skeletons and bones. I know it doesn't suit everyone to collect skulls but the children found these two many years ago in the garden - we all thought they were beautiful. They lived in a tupperware box for a long time but now have pride of place in the print tray.

Laura tells me I will probably upset everyone by admitting to my interest in dead things but having confessed about my macabre collection I feel free to tell you about the latest specimen. My husband gave me this antique skeleton in its glass display case. Not your usual romantic birthday present I must agree! I'm not at all sure what kind of bird it is but it will be a wonderful object to draw from.

And Laura spotted this beautiful leather bound photograph album at the local auction house and made a secret bid. She knew how much I would love it!

It's dated 1885 and is constructed on an integral stand in a way we've never seen before.

You release the metal catch at the top and the front cover drops down to reveal the first photograph. I need to feed the leather as it's become dry over the years and the hinge at the base needs a little attention too but I think it probably looks better now than when it was brand new.

I feel quite cherished!!

Bye for now - Linda


  1. Happy Birthday and many more. What lovely gifts - a material expression of love...

  2. Birthday wishes, and what wonderful gifts from family who obviously know and care for you very much.

  3. Happy Birthday Linda - you seem to have had an absolutely splendid time. The collection of interesting things is coming on well!! I love the bones, but that book is wonderful and has a very intriguing catch. What are you feeding your book?? Hobb Nobbs??

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You've some lovely treasures. I too am fascinated with skeletons and that one looks like a chicken. It's a wonder it wasn't labeled. Anyhoo, have lots of fun celebrating! I like to celebrate everyday...
    big hugz

  5. Thank you all for your birthday greetings. I actually had even more wonderful gifts but was too embarrassed to show them all at once!

    Annabel trust you to bring chocolate biscuits into the conversation! Where's your sense of self restraint woman?

    Creative Dawn - It might be a chicken I suppose. The feet look right don't they but it would only be a very small one at about 8 inches high. I wonder why someone would preserve a chicken skeleton - weird isn't it?

  6. Happy Birthday Linda - I thought it was in December, but I'm mixed up ... nothing new there! Wonderful presents, I love that bird ... is it me, or does it have a look of RoadRunner?? x

  7. Thanks Hilary. Hmmmn... a roadrunner eh? That well known taxidermy candidate!

  8. You never know Linda - you could have something very are there! It doesn't go 'beep beep' every now and then does it??

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  10. What beautiful presents Linda - you are obviously a very treasured person! Happy Birthday

  11. Happy birthday Linda. I too love sketletal objects. Most people find that weird, I guess its the years of working with line and shape in City & Guilds that does it, would love to see the book when you have treated it & maybe Laura will print some fabric from it?

  12. Happy birthday, Linda.
    It was mine yesterday, too.
    No dead animals for me. Motorcycle boots and a bottle of PX sherry.
    And today my decolorant plus arrived, so now I can play new games.

  13. Happy birthday, what a great gifts! They must love you very much if they can find these precious things!

  14. I adore skeletons too! If you ever visit Washington DC, you should go to the Museum of Natural History. They have an entire exhibit of complete skeletons of all types of animals (humans included!). It is just breathtaking Linda! You would love it. A friend sent me an owl pellet that I took apart and was rewarded with a glass vial full of teeny tiny bones from voles and such. As a matter of fact, that vial would look stunning in your printer tray.

  15. Happy Birthday!!! I am having a cup of coffee and Carr's Ginger Creme cooky (or two) in your honor. I also have bird skeletons and a couple of shedded snake skins. I am thrilled that I am not alone. Friends do look at me oddly when they look in my glass box. ;) Your thimble is gorgeous in its little box and the book! Fantastic! Enjoy you birthday week or month and celebrate!

  16. Happy birthday if a little late; lovely pressies. There are a couple of books by Jean-Baptiste De Panafieu featuring skeletons: Evolution and Evolution in Action. They are stunning but a larger format would be even better. I believe the latter was once available as a coffee table tome.

  17. you are obviously a very treasured person! Happy Birthday, Send gifts to Pakistan from UK.