Thursday 26 July 2012

On with the next!

It was a perfect summer's day today and first thing in the morning, before it got too hot, I walked along the lane to my local quilt shop to enjoy coffee and cake in the garden. Each year shop owner Jackie holds a day to raise funds for charity and today was the day.

There were quilts draped over tree branches.

Over washing lines.

And on the walls of a marquee. I couldn't photograph inside the shop because it was too full of people busy shopping!

Tempting as it was to stay for the delicious looking lunch I saw being prepared I had stuff waiting for my attention back home.

The latest Moth quilt is off the longarm machine now and just needs its hand stitching, binding and sleeve. With no time to waste a little landscape quilt is now pinned on in its place and quilting has begun!

I'm keeping to a limited palette of only two or three colours of thread for the quilting. I've taken the warm colour of the moon out into the surrounding area but much of the rest of the quilt will be stitched with a soft blue which more or less blends with the colours of the piecing.

The foreground of the landscape needs some interest and spotting this statuesque Old Man's Beard in the hedgerow on the walk back from the quilt shop I think I may have found the answer!

Thanks for dropping by - I've got lots more work to show you so I'll post again very soon. Bye for now, Linda


  1. Your quilt's looking wonderful, looking forward to seeing the old man's beard added. Glad summer's arrived at last, can't wait for ours.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful quilts! You are always so productive, I'm amazed.

    The photo is of Hogweed, Old Man's Beard is the wild clematis (Clematis vitalba) with the beautiful spiralled seed heads. Will be lovely to see the finished quilt though. :-)

  3. Glad Amanda mention it first - however hogweed, despite its name is an inspiration and a favourite shape with many designers, looking forward to seeing how you use it.

  4. Beautiful quilting and I love the colour choice.

  5. Lovely day at White Cottage...the food was fabulous, you should have stayed! But even more exciting I won first prize in the of Jackie's quilts. How wonderful is that!!!!!!!!!!!!?