Thursday, 4 September 2014

Feels like harvest festival

I love this time of year. All of the efforts made by 'He who Gardens' come into fruition - quite literally! At dinnertime I just walk up the garden path and choose what we'll have that evening. Of course nothing ever arrives in modest portions - it's always all or nothing.

Looks like we may have tomatoes again tonight!

Better make that Ratatouille!

And a side order of beetroot. No one can say we don't have our 5 a day!

We spotted these on our walk yesterday, they may be edible but decided not to risk it!

In between all the cooking and eating I am making time for the latest altered book. Here I've started to invent bits of the tulips that didn't exist in the original illustration. They now have ridiculously long stems and some rather elegant leaves. The beauty of drawing over gesso is that the paper surface has so much more character than when it was smooth and shiny. The graphite pencil picks up on the texture of the gesso and helps make even the simplest mark more interesting. I am getting through quite a lot of Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso in this project but I know where I can get more!

Thanks for dropping by - Love Linda

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  1. Bit late now but those mushrooms look very like shaggy parasols which are indeed edible and very tasty. One identifying characteristic is that they are very large, like dinner plate sized.
    Love your sketches and textile work by the way. I have one of your books which I love.