Friday 19 September 2014

There's sometimes beauty in destruction

The bright green caterpillars that have made such a meal out of this obviously loved the plant as much as I do.

In the face of such destruction I couldn't help but think it might inspire a little embroidery worked on water soluble stabiliser. (If you've watched this week's DMTV video you'll know exactly what I mean!).

The poor thing is still producing beautiful trumpet flowers but it smacks of desperation!

The saddest thing of all is it should by rights look like the one we saw when we took Amelie to Dudley Zoo. It was in a tropical house and had monkeys climbing through its branches - don't think we can run to that but we'll try to be more attentive to it in the future.

Leaves have been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe because the first signs of autumn are in the air and plenty have already started to fall. Although I don't welcome the approach of winter I do love the colours beginning to appear in the trees right now. I painted this from a leaf I picked up in Laura's garden a couple of days ago. It's a mixed media study in my altered book but because we've had so many requests for more information, the techniques I've used will also feature in next week's DMTV show.

Yesterday was very busy - we recorded a video first thing in the morning before we had our annual verification visit from City & Guilds. It will be our last official visit now that we have decided not to offer C&G courses again. We have decidedly mixed feelings about the changes this will bring but I can't help but confess to a huge sense of relief that there'll be less time spent on all the paperwork and filing! More time for sewing and painting - yippee!

Talk to you again very soon - Love Linda


  1. I am loving this altered book journal!!

  2. I'm looking forward to the next video then Linda. I grew this gorgeous shrub in our garden here in Spain, we don't have a problem with caterpillars, but keeping the plant watered sufficiently cost us a fortune!! Sadly it just couldn't cope with the constant hot dry winds we have here on our mountainside and eventually it gave up. Sorry I've rambled off topic a bit. Your altered book is looking very interesting from the snippets of it we've seen, hope you'll show more of the whole book when it's full as you have done in the past with your crow book.