Friday, 12 September 2014

More altered book, adding to the collections and Sue's appliqué

It's all been a bit of a blur over the last couple of weeks. Although we have as much work as usual we've also had time for family parties, much baking, a house guest, and a day out at the zoo. Amelie's birthday celebrations can't go on forever so, now that things are getting back to what passes for normal around here, I am trying to make progress with my latest altered book.

I gessoed over the text on this page before leaving for Laura's this morning. The only original part of the page remaining visible was the illustration of the orchid at the bottom left. It only takes a minute or two to spread a generous dollop of Liquitex Heavy Gesso with a big hog brush, purposely making loose, textural marks. When I got home this evening I only had an hour or so to spare before meeting up with friends for dinner. I could easily have frittered the time away painting my fingernails but spurred on by Laura's challenge to make a drawing in her sketchbook every day I felt compelled to make an effort! No time for a detailed drawing tonight but a quick watercolour was doable.

I applied the watery paint to create the shapes of the petals and while still damp I worked into it with Derwent Inktense pencils to make those fine yellow and pink lines. Once the watercolour was dry I took a brush dipped in clean water and lifted some of the paint away. I think this helps give the impression the petals are quite delicate and almost translucent. There's still work to be done but I'll hopefully have a bit more free time over the weekend to finish this page.

We get hundreds of emails every week and amongst the routine and often frankly boring ones we have to deal with we get some that really brighten our day! We're always pleased to receive images of work inspired by DMTV so many thanks to Sue for sending in this lovely appliquéd blue tit. What a lovely character - I love the gleam in his eye!

I'm an inveterate collector of all kinds of interesting bits and pieces. Kitchen implements fascinate me so I couldn't resist these vintage sieves. They'll never be used for culinary purposes again but they'll look great hanging in my kitchen.

A tactile, carved crocodile and a lovely wooden glove stretcher just had to come home with me too. I am a lost cause when it comes to bargain buys at a flea market. Want and need are two completely different conditions aren't they?

Hope you are enjoying this Indian summer - long may it last! Love linda

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