Thursday 20 August 2015

A cautionary tale........

Or, why you should never turn your back on the vegetable plot no matter how busy you happen to be.

This is how I like my courgettes - small, tender and not much more than finger sized. But in the aftermath of Festival of Quilts when Amelie requires constant entertainment because it's summer holidays and there's no nursery school, when exhibition quilts need to be returned to their makers, when videos have to be recorded for DMTV, and the latest Through Our Hands magazine has to be made ready for online publication, it's all too easy to forget the daily essentials.

Those same two courgettes are included with their big brothers in the picture above to give a sense of scale. I'd have held the monsters in my arms for the picture if I could have lifted them both at once! This is what lurks in the vegetable plot if you ignore the plants for just a couple of warm, rainy days. Looks like I'd better find the soup pot out!

We've been too occupied lately for our regular Saturday excursion to the flea market but we managed it recently for the first time in weeks. Even though it's in a dilapidated state I couldn't resist this lovely old book for £1.

Written in the late 1800s by Arthur G Butler, seen here with his wife...........

it's full of the most charming illustrations and descriptions. Just the sort of thing I love.

I used one of the drawings as inspiration for this intaglio print. DMTV viewers will get to see how I made the print plate in this week's video and next week I'll show the inking, printing and finishing techniques. It's very satisfying and, much as I love quilting, I could happily spend all day making prints.

I am always pleased to hear that one of our videos has encouraged someone to try something they haven't done before so I'm grateful to Diddy for sending in a photo of her beautiful discharged fabric which she tells me will soon become a book cover. Lovely work Diddy!

And finally - always keen to encourage creative drawing at any age, here's a recent picture of Amelie making a portrait of her granddad. What sensible coffee shop owners to include blackboard tables to keep little ones happy while the drinks are being made!

Not sure why she's incognito on this occasion!

Thanks for dropping by - Love Linda x


  1. Marrow and ginger jam! Always useful to disperse monsters such as these!

  2. Oh Dear! Not more jam - I'll never be sylphlike at this rate!

  3. Hi Linda, is it possible to use your printing technique at home without having a press, I love the effect and the sketch/ print, it's gorgeous. Hmmm monsters at the bottom of your garden

  4. I have a wonderful recipe for zucchini (courgette) relish, if you're interested. It's lovely on burgers... Then there's the zucchini chocolate ideal way to get "greens" into little ones without protest...So moist and lovely...! And zucchini lasagna...

  5. I use zucchini in place of eggplant for a lot of dishes, especially parmesean. I've had the relish and it is good. In cakes and breads it adds a nice flavor and moistness. Plus, you don't feel quite as guilty since you are getting some greens. Amelie's hat is wonderful and I love her shades. She looks like she is ready for Derby season or Wimbelton. :)

  6. Hi Margy - you can get similar results using a pasta machine but you'll be limited to the width of the machine roller.

  7. Courgette lasagne and ratatouille in the freezer too! We have seen dozens of the crested pigeon this month while on hols. Funny, inquisitive things they are. Very brave too not minding the odd peck at a shoe to see if it's edible.