Saturday 1 August 2015

Reasons to be cheerful

I know I've been uncharacteristically quiet on the blogging front for a while. The reason being that my mom has had a total knee replacement and visiting the hospital involved a 100 mile round trip each time. Since she came home from hospital, my sister and I have been vying for the title of 'nurse of the year'. I made soup and cake today so I've notched up a few points! It's a major operation at any age but undoubtably more so at 87. The wound is healing nicely but the colours and extent of the bruising are a sight to behold. Although she's not shy to let anyone and everyone have a look (whether they want to or not!) I decided not to subject you to any photos. Just imagine a beautiful red sunset with purple, blue and black clouds masking the yellow of the light and you'll be pretty close. Arrrgghh! Never mind - we're so glad it's over now and she's getting better each day.

This splendid fellow greeted us at the entrance to the hospital - how very surreal. I almost wondered who'd been on the morphine, me or mom, when I saw him. No one batted an eyelid - it was as though it was perfectly normal to have a peacock wandering about the grounds. In the interests of health and safety, flowers are forbidden in the wards - apparently wildfowl in the entrance to the foyer are OK.

I know I tried to spare your delicate feelings by not showing 'the leg' but then I go and let you see this moth with no warning at all!

You may not have realised he was such a mega moth till I let you see him next to the quilting ruler! My sister knows how fascinated I am by all flying creatures so she kindly saved me this monster who flew into her house in southern France. I usually envy her time spent in France but this looks like one good reason to stay nearer to home!

I always enjoy sharing images of work our members have created with inspiration from DMTV video workshops - here's a beautiful stencilled columbine quilt from Laura. A really sensitive interpretation of a delicate subject and lots of close quilting which I love - well done Laura!

And I love this glorious sketchbook page sent in by Frances. Thanks for letting everyone see your work ladies! (Coincidentally, Laura and Frances are the names of my two daughters).

And finally, not to be left out, here's a portrait Amelie made of me for my recent birthday. No body to speak of yet but notice the fingers. She's not yet 3 but very observant and obviously knows how important my hands are to me!

Thanks for reading - I promise to show more of my work next time. One good thing about being away from home while taking care of mom is there's more time for hand stitching and the latest quilt is coming along nicely!
Linda x


  1. Do you know what your moth is Linda? It looks like some kind of hawk moth to me. We found a caterpillar of a Deaths Head Hawkmoth last year and knowing that it would probably die as it was in autumn, we hatched in a box and then when the moth died a friend set it out for us. Lovely work by your students.

  2. Sending your Mom wishes for a speedy recovery. She'll be dancing in those red shoes again soon. Beautiful moth, I have been watching for our Sphinx moths. They usually show up in August and always fool me into thinking the hummingbirds are out at night. Beautiful student artwork. It is always so interesting to see what others make inspired by a DMTV show. Have a wonderful week, I am sure it will be a busy one.

  3. Hi Lin - I don't know what kind of moth it is. As a child I remember hawk moths being quite common where we lived. I haven't seen one for many years but this creature seems far bigger than they were. I shall have to do some research!

  4. Dear Jeannie - thank you for your good wishes. Mom seems much improved today and will soon be back to her lively self I'm sure. I know exactly where she keeps the red shoes!

  5. Best wishes to your mum, I had my knee replaced in June and it is taking me to the festival of quilts tomorrow! Plenty of ice for her, the knee I mean not in a G&T! Lovely work by your members. Best wishes to you all, Barb