Sunday 23 August 2015

Magazine out now and more of the good life

If you haven't heard already I'd like to let you all know that Laura and Annabel have released the 6th Issue of their Through Our Hands magazine this week. It's available now to read online for free! If you prefer to download a copy to keep and enjoy at your leisure you can buy a pdf version for only £3.

I think this issue looks amazing and has something of interest for everyone who enjoys art in general and textiles in particular. Annabel is to be praised for her ability to source such diverse articles. Some of the artists featured will be familiar to you all but I confess that some names were completely new to me and all the more exciting for that - who doesn't want to be introduced to new, stimulating and thought provoking work?  Laura has done her usual brilliant job with the design layout of course so it all looks simply beautiful!

I think you'll love this issue and you can read it online for free here. Please tell all your friends to take a look too. Let's all do our bit to spread the word about the exciting creative world we live in!

I'm being creative in my own way today but on a slightly less cerebral level. I've been taking the easy way out for too long. I rely on my basic bread recipe all the time because I don't have to give it a thought and the results keep us in sandwiches for the working week. Today though I've Richard Bertinet's Focaccia recipe (taken from his book Dough) to thank for a most delicious lunch.

The weather's been really weird - we ate breakfast in the garden in beautiful warm sunshine but  yesterday's wild storms returned by lunchtime and I had to flush 'he who gardens' out of the greenhouse, where he'd been hiding from the driving rain. I'm happy for him to spend as long as he likes out there as long as he comes back into the house bearing the fruits of his labours.

After a slow start the tomatoes are ripening apace now. Nothing could taste better than thick slices of these served with avocado in a lime and caper dressing, with Brie de Meaux and a still warm Focaccia. Oh yes, and a nice glass of Shiraz helps too.

Now that the inner man is satisfied it's time to make the most of what remains of the weekend. I'm off to my workroom to see what the muse might conjure.

Even on such a dismal day my little sanctuary still looks inviting don't you think?

Linda x


  1. Linda,
    What are those things on your roof? Please tell me about them.

  2. Hi Beth - they are Sempervivum or common name House Leeks. They seem to grow on nothing at all and flower spikes appear every year. Lovely colours too!

  3. Thanks Linda. Very interesting!

    1. Just checked them out on Google Images. We call those hens with chicks. How interesting that they grow voluntarily on your roof.

  4. Just watched DMTV segment and I'm up for the challenge to create my own 'visual journey'!!! Thanks so much for the inspiration (once again)!

  5. What a marvelous "sanctuary"! Me thinks it would be inviting ANY day ... or night!