Saturday 4 June 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

We always have plenty of exciting projects to occupy us but this week has been particularly busy. We've reopened registration to our Online City and Guilds Creative Quiltmaking course now that our tutors have a little extra time to devote to new students. There have been quite a number of graduates recently from all of our online courses meaning we can finally offer some more places. Laura has been building exhibition galleries for the latest graduates so to get a taste of the fabulous work our students produce please take a few minutes to visit;

Our courses are very much design based and we encourage students to work from a variety of inspirational sources. Today, while en route to a visit to Cheltenham we saw these fields and were stopped dead in our tracks. What an uplifting sight! Who could fail to be inspired by this?

 OK, so fields of poppies are something of a cliche but only because they are so amazing/ wonderful/irresistible! This field was a fabulous tapestry of poppies, rapeseed, rocket, field beans and barley.

I make no apologies for including so many images - it was hard to choose from all the ones I took!

The red was so intense the camera struggled to cope!

If anyone tried to plant like this they'd find it impossible yet nature, left to its own devices, manages to work wonders.

Needless to say we were quite late getting home after this unexpected distraction - I am just so pleased I had my camera with me to capture the moment!

We are off to Wales on Wednesday to deliver work for our upcoming summer exhibition. It's very exciting to show both old and new work in such a large space. We've never had the opportunity to exhibit so many pieces together before and we are really looking forward to seeing how it all looks. We shall be at the museum for a 'Meet the Artists' session on the fifth of August.  I'll post photos of the venue next week and if you'd like to visit you'll be able to find full details on the website soon.

Hope the creative mojo is with you!!



  1. I miss the flowers. Poppies are so magnificent.

  2. What stunning photos, no apologies necessary! We were photographing poppies last week too(not uploaded to my laptop yet) and they are tricky with their vibrancy. Your last two photos have a tapestry look to them :-)

  3. Divine little art pieces just as they are. Bon Voyage.


  4. Oh amazing - I took photos this morning of a huge field of poppies near Brewood. The red was hard to cope with for me and my camera x