Wednesday 8 June 2011

Mission accomplished!

We're back home after a mad dash over into Wales. It was a very early start to the day but the quilts are delivered to the gallery and now we can relax about the exhibition for a while.

The Cynon Valley Museum and Gallery is a delight! Housed in lovely old industrial buildings on the site of the 19th century Gadlys ironworks, there are fascinating local history exhibits and two beautiful galleries with white walls and great lighting.

This is the welcome desk that greets you as you enter.

And here's a glimpse of the ground floor gallery viewed from the shop area. We didn't have much time to browse but I noticed lots of jewellery, ceramics and tempting art books. I'll make sure I look properly next time!

Here Belinda and I are chatting in the upstairs gallery - another lovely, dramatic space for our work. There won't be as much white wall as this on show when our stuff gets hung. Poor Belinda has to do all the hard work now. We wanted her to have options so we took lots of quilts, panels and paintings - I hope we didn't take too many!

Of course, we never go anywhere without checking the catering - the museum cafe comes highly recommended! That's me and my other half (also known as he who loads the car, drives the car and then unloads it again!!) waiting for our lunch. The staff were really friendly and there was a selection of books to leaf through as you wait - what more could anyone want?

If you'd like information about quilt study days coinciding with the exhibition and our 'Meet the Artists' session on August 5th please contact Belinda via or call 01685 886729

I know not everyone can make it but it would be lovely to meet up with you if you live near enough to visit.

Talk again soon - Linda


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