Tuesday 14 June 2011

False economies ?

The fashion show this summer seems to be taking over our lives right now. We staggered home with heaps of stuff last time we shopped for fabric but unbelievably it seems even more is required. And zips, shoulder pads, ribbons,  satin binding............

There was no way out of it - another trip to the Rag Market in Birmingham was called for. There's nothing you can't find there.  Even though a trip to the city is a bit of a trek for us countryfolk, it's worth the journey for the bargain prices.

At this time of year the delicious fruit is as irresistible as the fabric.

We got everything we needed and after all the excitement of shopping we felt a sudden need to have lunch. Happily, Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant is right by the market. The atmosphere in there is great and the hams and strings of chillis are like something from a 17th century Dutch still life painting.

A selection of good Italian bread with oil and balsamic would probably be enough lunch for most people but somehow we managed to fit in a dish of pasta as well. This shopping business takes stamina as I'm sure you'd agree. It's a very good job the fabrics were a bargain though!

Talk to you soon - Linda

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