Wednesday 29 June 2011

Variety is the spice of life they say

We always have so many different projects on the go here that there's no danger of getting bored. As soon as one thing gets too much we switch to something else! The brand new Creative Sketchbooks course is imminent and we're spending a lot of time working on new drawings, making prints and collages and choosing existing pages from our own books to show as examples. 

There are video demonstrations throughout the course and this kind of tonal drawing with pencils is one of the first. 

The basic techniques can be used to interpret any subject but we often use everyday simple objects to illustrate  methods. Here I've raided the cutlery drawer. The way spoons cradle each other makes for quite a complex composition. All those highlights and shadows are great to draw.

Back on the sewing front - I've just put the finishing touches to the latest embroidered panel. It's now mounted on a painted box canvas and wrapped ready for the trip to our stand at Festival of Quilts. I used a gorgeous metallic paint on the frame (Jacquard Lumiere - Halo Violet Gold) and picked out the wings of the moth in the niche with the same colour. I love the way that paint colour changes as the light catches it.

Making the outfits for the fashion show has been so much fun that I'm being side tracked right now into other dressmaking projects. This is a lovely length of discharged jersey I spotted last week at the Rag Market. It was an absolute bargain price but I'm too shy to say how little it cost. It's cut out ready to make a T shirt when I can find a free hour or two!

If it looks more expensive when it's finished than it actually was you'll probably see me wearing it on DMTV or at the show in a few weeks time. If it doesn't I'll keep it for gardening!

Hope you are all feeling creative today!

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