Saturday 25 June 2011

One piece at a time

Considering I make as many quilts as I do I don't actually do much patchwork. When I do though it makes me remember just how much I love it!

Laura and I have been making Rail Fence quilts for an upcoming DMTV video and playing with her hand dyed fabrics was so enjoyable I just had to search out those Cut and Come Again blocks I made in a flash of enthusiasm the day we had Edwina over to demonstrate the technique.

The heap of blocks had been buried under more recent work and were in danger of being quite forgotten. Today I joined them together and I think they'll be lovely quilted as a sofa throw. This was an entirely foreign way of work for me and I still haven't quite come to terms with the random nature of the design. I am usually more in control of how something will turn out and don't feel comfortable with serendipity! Because there was no master plan I haven't decided exactly how I'll quilt it yet so I'm hoping a few days on the studio wall might help.

The great thing about the technique was I could make good use of odd scraps of hand dyed fabrics and even find a place for some precious bits like this spiral screenprint. The finished top looks like an old fashioned Crazy quilt - who knows, I may quilt it like the Victorians with lots of embroidery!

This is our Bengal, guardian of the quilt. I promise Toby isn't really fierce - that's a yawn not a roar! He's sitting in one of his favourite places - the quilt on the long arm machine. He treats it like a hammock on a warm day - unless I can persuade him to find another sunbathing spot that crow quilt may never get finished.

Hope you're all having a good weekend - Linda


  1. The rail fence looks gorgeous in the hand dyed fabric. Good luck with the Cut and Come Again and with moving the quilt guardian to get the crow quilt done.

  2. sigh.... I just love this blog.
    That's all I have to say:)
    Thanks, once again, for the visual feast.

  3. What a fantastic photo of Bengal! Kitty action shot! I love your quilts, the colors are so amazing. And your drawings are great too. I love to look at your blog for inspiration.