Thursday, 31 May 2012

Celebration time

It can't have escaped anyone's notice that it's Jubilee celebrations this weekend. We're doing our bit and flying the flag in honour of Her Majesty. I hadn't noticed until I took the photo how the house looks as though it's being swallowed by the jungle of clematis and hydrangeas!

'He who gardens' has grown a patriotic red, white and blue scheme of Petunias for the chimney pots outside my studio door.

If the weather co-operates they'll soon fill the pots and be lovely all through the summer!

We've even had a stab at a vaguely flag-shaped arrangement in one of the beds. It'll look OK when the plants cover all that bare earth!

It offends me slightly that the Royal blue Petunias are more than a little violet but nature can't always be relied on can it?

I'll finish with a fun shot especially for Pam who says she enjoys seeing our wildlife! This little frog wouldn't co-operate either - he had to be rescued from a hot greenhouse but he was far too lively to be photographed without a careful restraining hand. I got a quick picture before he jumped off to the cool shade of the shrubbery!

If you have celebrations planned this weekend like we do I hope the rain holds off and you have lots of fun.

Thanks for dropping by - I'll be back again soon - Linda


  1. I remember when the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics torch relay passed through Cochrane, Alberta, when I happened to be there (it's just west of Calgary). Such excitement! It was a real thrill to see it! And when the torch relay ran through the streets of Montreal when I lived there in 1976 for those summer Olympics... and when I was pregnant when Calgary got the 1988 winter Olympics, and bought tickets to the skate dancing because I just 'knew' (no tests) I'd be taking a daughter to them -- and I did! It is all wonderful, and worth all the hype and silliness and over-spending just to embrace the excellence portrayed in amateur athletes giving it all they've got. May your Olympics be a blessed and happy time!

  2. Thanks Linda, I take bird photos nearly everyday but even though I hear the frogs in the gullies and bush where I walk they refuse to come out and pose! Australian frogs must be camera shy!

  3. Have a wonderful day and celebrate mightily! All the best to you and yours. G's not keen, but is turning a blind eye to my madness and the fact that I've just stapled bunting to the parasol and hung flags on the arbour (or my "cottage" as I prefer to call it because it has a home-made thatched roof!) There's flags in plant pots and I'm going to have a knees up! I intend to start on the champage first thing - possibly before I've got out of bed! xx

  4. That's an almost kissably cute frog!