Thursday 5 October 2017

Did you know DMTV has a shop?

We don't make a big deal about selling actual items. Other than buying subscriptions and archives you might not even know we have an online shop! It's really only a very small part of what we offer but we've decided to change that over the next few months. Yesterday we added a couple of my small works to the DMTV shop.

This one is an acrylic painting on a stretched box canvas. Rooks are very characterful and one of my favourite creatures to paint.

Laura thinks he has a mournful expression but I think he looks quite amiable.

The detail shows how textural the paint surface is - my way of suggesting the wing feathers.

And the nature of the cornfield he's standing in.

The second piece is a quilted and painted panel featuring purple poppies and seedheads.

You may remember me making this for a DMTV video. During the making of a video we usually have to show step by step examples of the thing we're demonstrating and there's a limit to how many of these different versions we can display at home or give as presents to family and friends. The first of my purple poppies now lives in The Netherlands - I wonder where this one will end up?

If you like the look of either of these pieces you can find details over in the shop. Just scroll down through the images until you spot one called 'Linda's Work'.

Bye for now,
Linda x

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