Thursday 19 October 2017

Seeing spots before my eyes

We enjoyed Apple Day at the National Trust property, Dudmaston Hall, again last weekend.

This is the third year we've taken our own apples to be crushed and pressed to make juice.

And of course it's essential to do a little quality control!

The autumn colours at Dudmaston were as spectacular as ever and I'm sure these vines will be making an appearance in my new DMTV project - an autumn inspired fabric journal where I'll be recording events and things I see over the next few weeks. It'll be my new art diary using lots of techniques with fabric and stitch rather than in sketchbook form.

I didn't have to look far for journal inspiration as we had the weirdest phenomenon this week. Sadly my phone couldn't capture it at all but believe me, the sun turned the deepest red and the sky was a sulphurous golden colour. Apparently Storm Ophelia's winds carried particles from forest fires that were raging in Spain and Portugal all the way to England. The BBC said there might be some Saharan sand in there too.

I was in the middle of a printing session in my studio at the time so it seemed apt to record what was happening outside the window - these two bits will become journal pages once they have all their stitching.

And the next day I got really carried away printing more red suns for a DMTV video!

If it ever happens again I'll have the perfect dress for the occasion. I made this yesterday using a lovely jersey fabric I bought at Festival of Quilts back in August.

When I bought it I didn't have a pattern in mind and I found I didn't have quite enough fabric for the Ottobre dress so I've added a striped fabric for the lower sleeves and the neck band.

Just have to finish the hem and it'll be done!

Thanks for reading today - Linda x


  1. I love the dress. The striped sleeves adds such character and a stylish touch. I can't tell you how excited I am for the new art diary program. I loved working along with the sketchbook one, but cloth is my true love. Every time you post a photo of Amelie, I get a reality check as to time passing. Living in a desert area, I see those yellow skies and red suns (and moons) frequently. As much as I detest out blowing sand days, there is a reward if one cares to look. Have a wonderful weekend. Now to watch some DMTV.

  2. Our Texas skies will often be effected by the Mexico fires and also Colorado by the fires all the way west into California. It was so interesting to consider that it’s a Universal issue. Lovely to see that you turned a negative into a positive with your art. 🌻🌻Laura

  3. Love seeing and being part of your daily life!!! Dress is wonderful!

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