Friday 27 October 2017

Nothing goes to waste

Just because I haven't mentioned it for a while doesn't mean it's gathering dust up a corner!

I do pick up my paper piecing whenever I have a few free minutes and it's growing although only slowly, slowly, slowly. Good job it's not a race! What's interesting is how some new little patches are finding their way into the plot.

Do you see those checkerboards and the overprinted black, discharged fabrics at the top there?

They've come about because I've been joining scraps of fabric to make pages big enough for my fabric art diary and I can't bring myself to throw even fiddly leftover bits of lovely fabric printing away - if I can get a 3/4inch hexagon from it it's going in. So much for my carefully laid plans!

I even managed a bit of piecing in the garden this afternoon. It's been a glorious day today even if everything is looking forlorn and neglected. I made the most of the warmth by sitting on that bench beneath the huge beech trees for a while. It's good to make quiet time for thinking.

A walk around the garden in the autumn sunshine led me to these poppies - has nobody told them it's nearly the end of October? And look closely - there are more buds to come. Such resilience may have to find a place in my art diary!

Talk to you again soon - Linda x


  1. Do you ever eat roasted beechnuts from your trees?

  2. No Sandy, I can’t say I have. What do you do with them?

  3. We used to have them on our farm. We collected a bucket full and then peeled them - the kids job! you have to peel the brown skin off the triangular nut within the burr casing.
    I think we just munched on them some. I remember they had a lovely snacky taste (whatever that would mean to someone else!) But I think my mom baked with them. They work as a replacement for pecans in pecan pie or recipes calling for chestnuts or hazelnuts. They can be dry roasted with savoury seasonings for snacks.
    Some years are not so plentiful. The fruitful years are called Mast years.

    Some cool info here:
    Some people say you shouldn't eat too many raw because you will have an upset tum. Well, they aren't exactly easy to clean, so probably you wouldn't end up eating too many anyway.

  4. I have to admit that I have had poppy envy from the first time I read your and Laura's blogs. I can grow the typical Oriental, California, and Welsh. Sadly the gorgeous ones with lettuce leaves look sickly. It maybe because we go from cool to hot in a manner of days. I'll just satisfy myself with photos of yours. The hexie project is growing! I love the addition of the checker board and discharge bits. It is like a garden with winding paths. You never know what your happen upon as you look at the next section, but you know it will be a nice surprise.