Sunday 8 October 2017

Start 'em young

Amelie thinks hand sewing is tricky - the dratted thread will keep coming out of the needle! She see's us whizzing away on a sewing machine and obviously believes that's the answer.
She's been pleading with us to let her have a go for ages but at just 5 I think it's a bit early for that.

An embellisher however, well that's a whole different thing. Look at that level of concentration!

No thread to snarl up and a safety guard to protect little fingers! She had to stand to operate the foot pedal because she's not tall enough to reach from a chair. I may have to rig something up to make life easier next time.

Look what I've made.

And by the time we go back into the kitchen the cakes have cooled down enough for a little embellishment of their own! Not sure we needed quite so many sprinkles but who am I to say?

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.
Bye for now - Linda x


  1. I've got short legs Linda and have the same trouble! My husband made a hand on-off speed control ( no idea hove but can ask him if you are interested) Or maybe he who gardens is an electronics man as well?

  2. Amelie did a great job and what a beautiful piece of felt! She is getting so tall and not the little cherub of a few years ago. You can see the excitement and sense of accomplishment in her adorable smile. Like Amelie, I begged my Gram to teach me to sew with her machine. She had me sit in her lap. I pushed the fabric through, but my Gram controlled the machine. My Welsh grandpa didn't want to be left out, so he gave me a treadle machine. A 6 year old with long legs, but short torso? We solved it by my younger brother working the treadle as I moved the fabric. ;)

  3. What a great idea/way to start a young one out!!!!

  4. Hi Maura - we had a control like that in a college I used to teach in. It was designed for people in wheelchairs and meant they weren't disadvantaged when it came to using sewing machines. The way Amelie is growing I don't think it will be long before she can reach the foot pedal but in the meantime we plan to rig up a large step!

  5. Hi Jeannie - that conjures up images of the two of you working as a team - really made me smile!

  6. Thanks Robbie. I'm not sure if we've unleashed a demon - she'll want to be on my machine so much I may not get a look in!

  7. What a pitty to hear that laura is in trouble again with her health.I Hoop all the best for her, and that they soon find out what is going on.Give her a big kiss from me. I send her positive thoughs. I had a ambulance ride my self a few week ago. Just when we were get ready for or National exhibition after 2 days hard work to get ready. I woke up white a hug Vertigo attack. I still have some problems but they are fading away.
    En Amelie.... what an artist. You must be very proud of her What a darling. Watch out you girls one day she will be the star.
    Gif her a big hug from me en tel her I am her biggest fan.