Sunday, 1 May 2011

At home for the holiday weekend

I love this time of year the best. Everything in the garden is bursting with promise. Our ducks and chickens enjoy the dappled shade of the willow as they pick through the compost heap and that speckled beauty sits contentedly in solitary confinement in the maternity wing of the henhouse. Believe it or not she's covering 12 eggs so we have all our fingers crossed that we'll have chicks in a week or two. Just in case you aren't into bucolic idylls there's also a bit of patchwork. DMTV members will be able to see Edwina's Cut and Come Again technique from Wednesday but here's a sneak preview of my efforts. I couldn't wait to have a go and was busy pressing and cutting fabric the minute she left the studio after making the video!! Her method uses up all sorts of odd scraps and is really satisfying to do. She should have warned me how compulsive it is though!

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  1. I was reading back to this post today (5-14) and wondered if you have any lil' chicks as yet?