Sunday, 8 May 2011

Waiting for paint to dry

I have a fascination for moths and butterflies and they have inspired both old and recent work. Right now I am altering a book with that theme and it's a real pleasure to let the lovely images already on the page have their part to play.

I don't want the pages to be too predictable so I'm bringing in more favourite things, some lovely old key shapes to sit alongside the moths and I'm letting the original illustrations influence my colour palette.

I've printed with white acrylic paint and added a wash of  watercolour - I love the way those concentrated watercolours sit on the bits of the page where there's no acrylic!

Some of the pages were in danger of coming loose so I've mended them with strips of masking tape and added paint to make the strips an integral feature of the open spread.

Cut paper shapes let me audition ideas for collage before I use glue to make everything permanent.

DMTV members who joined me in the Friday Night Fix series will know how much fun it is to use compressed sponge as a print block - my latest sponge prints are in my workroom drying as I write this. The most frustrating part of altering books is waiting for paint to dry!  I'll let you see how they turned out next post!

Bye for now, Linda

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