Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Scary moment!

Well it couldn't be put off any longer - I just had to take a deep breath and put scissors to quilt! I'm not usually a nervous type about such things, it's only fabric after all, but this is THE quilt we have chosen for a special repurposing.

It was a pretty nervewracking few minutes but the deed is done and there's no turning back. When you think that this is a large quilt that took many hours to piece and was quilted entirely by hand before Laura over quilted it by machine with a free motion feather design. We have invested untold hours already and that's before taking the original fabric dyeing and final discharge process into account! I can only hope the jacket turns out OK. I sampled the pattern first in calico. Laura tried it on and we marked all the changes we wanted in black pen. I took the whole thing apart and redrafted the pattern to the revised shape. Of course to make sure the new version would work I had to put the jacket together again. I should be able to make this up with my eyes closed by now!

Some of the little offcuts are really precious. I can't bear to bin them and after all the effort invested I shall have to think of some imaginative way to make good use of them!

Talk to you again soon - Linda


  1. I am sure, the jacket will be fabulous! Please be sure to post LOTS of pictures including all the details ;-)

  2. make a journal with them and add photos of the jacket and follow this process down line. many years from now it will give you real memories.

  3. Are you doing Alexandra Palace in October too? Is there a chance of seeing the FOQ things there??

  4. I don't think we're taking a stand at Ally Pally this year but I'm sure everything we make will get a few outings over the coming months. Even if you don't see the stuff 'in the flesh" we'll be certain to post lots of pictures once the show is over.

  5. You know how some days everything gets done and other days it's not meant to be? Today's a good day! The jacket is basically made now - just waiting for its facings. I love it when it goes well!!

    Monica - we're recording the process step by step. I agree with you about the pleasure of looking back years down the line. Memory is so unreliable - I like to have something more concrete.

    Thanks Beth - I'm breathing again now!

  6. Looking forward to seeing the jacket - I am sure it will be lovely and unique, like all of the pieces you and Laura create. I am always astonished at the hand quilting in the various projects...something I have yet to try.

    I've been catching up with all of the blog posts in the past few days and greatly enjoying all the news.