Friday, 6 May 2011

signs of obsession?

It's baking day today - nothing unusual about that, I bake two or three times a week and unless we're away on holiday I haven't bought a loaf of bread in years.

After much trial and error I found a reliable recipe that works beautifully so I stick with it but to make sure it doesn't get boring I change the cuts on the top each time! Today I used scissors to make what the family call hedgehog spikes.

A couple of days ago I favoured parallel cuts. Another symptom of obsessive compulsive behaviour - the control freak strikes again!

Bread making is creative and as satisfying as any of the other things that fill my day but just in case you think I'm neglecting my stitching here's what's keeping me busy in the evenings right now.

It's a detail of a landscape inspired quilt. I've discharged the sky and moon area with deColorant spray and I'm now seed stitching the 'Blue Moon' with 4 or 5 different Madeira Lana woollen threads to soften and blend the colours. It's time consuming but I love the contrast of texture it adds. 

I'll post pictures of the whole quilt once it's finished. Talk to you soon. Linda


  1. Following your work and the effect and enhancement you get out of seed stitching I finally added some to a piece last year with great success. Now I question why was I avoiding it?

  2. Would you mind sharing your bread recipe sometime?

  3. Hi Holly,

    My bread making life changed forever the day I discovered a book by Breton baker Richard Bertinet. Called 'Dough' the book includes a DVD demonstration of Richard's method of working the dough. The basic recipes are quite straightforward but his way of kneading the dough is completely different to the way I was taught. Google him - he has a website!