Wednesday, 18 May 2011

secrets and other things we can't show!

I feel I must write a few words of explanation for anyone who's popped over to this page from our Newsletter. I can't imagine what you made of Laura's mention of squawking starlings in the office wall! It does feel like we are living in a zoo right now. The starlings in question have nested in the wall cavity and since the babies hatched 2 days ago the noise is unbelievable. I can't show any pictures because the parents are too quick for me and I don't suppose the young will be visible until they fledge. The squawking starts about 4 in the morning, lasts all day and is very distracting when trying to answer email!

From wild birds to domestic. The saga of the broody hen continues. You may remember I showed her sitting on her eggs a while ago. Well we counted the days and the predicted day of hatching came and went without incident. I had just about convinced myself to throw the eggs out and persuade her to rejoin the flock when, low and behold this morning there is at least 1 chick. Mom is making all the right reassuring clucking noises so I shall leave her to it and hope for more chicks tomorrow. I don't want to disturb her but I promise to try for photos soon.

We are working frantically on our designs for the fashion show at Festival of Quilts this summer. The studio is strewn with inspirational images, paper pattern pieces, fabric samples and all sorts of clutter. We've got all our machines sewing at once but you'll have to take my word for it because we have been sworn to secrecy! Not surprisingly the organisers want to keep the garments under wraps until the big night. The word is that as well as designing and making the clothes we also have to model them. That's the worrying thing! Anyone know a good diet?

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  1. My bird houses are all full of squeaks and squawks also. Nature's alarm clock! I was wondering if a catalogue of your show was going to be available. I'd love to hear the song the dueling sewing machines are creating.