Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Can you tell what it is yet?

I thought I'd start this post with a bit of glorious colour because the rest of the images are disappointingly lacking in it! The peonies are at their best right now and I never quite know if the pink is too girly or if it's magnificent in its absolute pinkness.

No question marks over this one though. My absolute favourite colour and the shadowy dark green of the old hawthorn hedge makes such a good foil.

I've said before that we've taken a vow of silence over the detail of our designs for Fashion Sans Frontieres but it's difficult not to mention what we're doing at all because it's what is occupying much of our waking hours right now. In fact, not just the waking hours - I find myself dreaming about perfect length of hem and shape of sleeve!  

The studio is strewn with rough sketches, pattern pieces and first try outs of various garments.

It's no good investing many hours of work embroidering something that isn't going to fit so we're making every item in simple calico before we put scissor to precious cloth! Nothing looks very promising at the moment but just imagine the transformation when we use our own quilted, painted, discharged and embroidered fabrics! It's all very exciting!